Fleet Cost Reduction

TransTechs is the transportation industry’s fleet cost reduction solution. Labor is your organization’s largest expense – but it can also be the place where you can achieve the most significant fleet cost reduction.

TransTechs helps your organization experience fleet cost reduction by giving you the diesel technicians you need, when you need them. The TransTechs team will work with you to identify targeted staffing goals for your organization, and then TransTechs handles the recruiting, hiring and employing functions – eliminating the expense and hassle of permanent hires. Permanent hiring requires you to advertise, recruit, interview, hire, and train technicians, not to mention the on-going HR-related costs of employing those permanent hires. The ability to flex your workforce up and down without incurring these expenses is one of the biggest benefits of partnering with TransTechs.

Since TransTechs also handles time-consuming HR functions, compliance issues and employee record-keeping, you benefit from even greater fleet cost reduction and fewer administrative hassles.

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